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I’m 19 and just got diagnosed with ptsd. It feels like eve

I’m 19 and just got diagnosed with ptsd. It feels like everything is out of control. I can’t sleep or focus and I’m constantly anxious. I’m stressed from college and am having a hard time. I’m on meds now, but it feels like my professor isn’t working with me to accommodate the short extension I need to write an essay because I literally can’t focus or think straight. Did anyone else have any experinces like this? Do things actually get better?

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Apr 20

37 with PTSD. Had it about 16 years now. I wish it gets better but its different for everyone. This beast is likely going to be with me for life. Best advice I can give you is research PTSD thoroughly and learn your triggers, what sets them off as well as how to take care of yourself when you do trigger

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Apr 20

I got diagnosed 2013, returned to college 2015 for career retraining. Does you school have a Students with Disabilities Office? Check with your Student Union. If it does (and I think all colleges have to now), register with them as being a Student with a Disability. When I did, I met with them and we discussed what accommodations I needed (schools are legally required to accommodate a disability, in order to even the playing field). For me, I was allowed as much time as I needed for exams. I was allowed extensions on assignments without penalty. Both of these things helped decrease stress due to time restrictions. Exams were presented in reasonable sections, so if I got triggered, I could leave after each section and come back the next day to finish it. Finally, there are different policies, such as I only had to take 2 full credit classes to be considered full time. Oh, and bunches of scholarships/bursaries I was now qualified for. All that being said, I could not imagine going to school during my first year or two of ptsd. If you are able, I urge you to take a break and take some time to get on top of your ptsd symptoms.

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Apr 22

I am so sorry you are going through this. I have CPTSD and it can really wreak havoc on your life if you aren't aware. I'm glad you were able to get help and have support with medicine that will help take the edge off. Are you able to go to counseling? For me, the only thing that really helped keep me stable was a relationship with Jesus. I know that isn't the popular opinion but it was truly life changing when I put my trust in Him. It didn't solve everything over night but I did have a peace that wasn't there before. I am praying that you will be able to get your paper written and that your professor will be compassionate. Also that you will have a great support system that can help you walk through this. <3


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