Hi, I'm new to the group. I wanted to find a support group j

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Hi, I'm new to the group. I wanted to find a support group just because I feel so alone going through this. I have been started on so many medications and I guess I'm just hoping someone is going through a similar path and can share some insight that this gets better. I was diagnosed with complex ptsd and OCD a few months ago.

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Apr 24

@rdpca1 I am on Celexa and Prazosin and also taking EMDR. Been doing this since Feb-March, but still feeling very unwell. The side effects, particularly the sweat, nausea and the horrendous headaches are ever present. I kept trying different meds until finally settling on these. I also noticed that my short term memory is suffering on Prazosin. It is true my nightmare are less and less present and my PTSD is a bit better, but it is not very nice living with the side effects. Do you still have side-effects from Prazosin? thanks

Apr 24

@Kathryn23 I get you. I am the same. Loneliness is a difficult thing for me too. Since being diagnosed I lost so many friends who simply do not understand or want to understand what I am going through. I am have PTSD too and also clinical depression. Happy to chat sometimes. Here for you too.

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22 hours ago

@cleo9 I have only been on Prazosin for about 2 weeks and have noticed the minor to medium headaches, I think Wellbutrin and Xanax also cause short term memory problems that is very noticeable but doesn't seem worse. I keep trying to stop medicines but my symptoms are too bad and have to start again. I am thinking of staying on a consistent plan and feel ok for at least 3 months straight before even thinking of changing anything again


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