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Hi, I was diagnosed with PTSD after being stalked for over a

Hi, I was diagnosed with PTSD after being stalked for over a year. I find myself getting frustrated and upset when people ask me things. I suppose it may be because I suspect they may have malicious intent of wanting to know things. And maybe some of them do? Today I called to pay a bill and the customer rep asked me my old address. It felt like she was not authentic, I got angry about this and why she would ask. I had to get off the phone.
I have increased anxiety since the stalker was a serious narcissist and stalked me for so long. Today, I went to the grocery store and when I got back in my car, one of the car's consoles was open. I definitely did not open it, perhaps by accident, but still.. Maybe I'll let a detective know? It could've been the stalker, or only a car thief?

Jan 10

Hi... I can not give you the right answers. Is that stalker still out there? Being careful and cautious, taking notice of things that are "off" is safe. But also after something traumatizing has happend it is "amazing" how many different things and circumstances can take one back there. Often one faces the very thing you are trying so hard to avoid because one is so sensitive to identifying it. If you are uncomfortable with guving information over the phone, you are welcome to not give it. These days though its quite astonishing the amount of information some forms asks that seems really irrelevant to the point. Big Data...
Have tou told a friend, family or neighbour about the car incident?

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Jan 10

I'm not sure I can help with what all you are facing but I can say my PTSD made me the same way. Very angry, irritable, easily frustrated and mean. There were times that it felt like my mind, voice and actions were being controlled by someone else. Words would come out, but they would sound and be at a level I did NOT intend. I would yell and be angry with people only trying to help. I frequently would "lose my cool" and treat people in ways they absolutely did not deserve. Then I learned that this is a symptom of PTSD. We're on high alert at all times! So even the slightest threat or inconvenience can trigger our PTSD behavior. Remember the kind of person you want to be and life you want to live.

Jan 10

Thanks for the messages. Yes, The stalker is but with a gps ankle device. That doesn't mean they can "forget" to charge it or have someone else stalk me on their behalf.
Yes, that's a good reminder that many things I may be sensitive to. But, just in case I did notify the probation officer and detective of my concerns. Taking some action made me feel a bit better about the situation.
I'm a fairly patient person so I don't act out too much with the anger, but I'm definitely more sensitive to others that are name calling and verbally abusive. There was a time when I was being stalked, I felt completely violated by the multiple thefts of my belongings and vandalism, and yell a fair amount. At this point I'm trying to get back to the life I want/had. I still feel somewhat violated and angry towards the stalker. I think time will help and being around supportive people that are not argumentative, negative, or verbally abusive.


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