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Hi everyone, I'm new here... I was wondering if anyone else


Hi everyone, I'm new here... I was wondering if anyone else attempts to avoid stimuli related to the trauma that you've experienced? Also, does anyone else feel on edge/nervous about related topics to your trauma being brought up and how you'll react?

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Mar 15

@shyghost Yes, I know exactly what you mean! It's very difficult because some days I am fine and it doesn't affect me much, other days, its a real challenge and I feel like I can't afford to have a break down at the moment since I currently have a lot on my plate

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Mar 16

Yeah, I have been feeling like I finally got to the other side and feeling, dare I say it, hopeful. Finally, I wasn't measuring my days based on whether or not I cried. Then I got blindsided and have had a set back. I have learned that our recover is a roller coaster and there is no cure for ptsd. We need to always practice self care in order to maintain symptom management. It's the big hits, that come from no where, and cause such big set backs ..... that I didn't expect. For what it's worth, I'm just hoping this will be like the little set backs. Just needs time and extra care.

Mar 16

definitely...I've had a pretty tough 2 yrs so I definitely try my hardest now to avoid any triggers and trauma related memories...I don't watch the news bc of all of the violence mentioned...I avoid social media bc posts can get very aggressive...I avoid people in my family that have differing opinions about what happened and why...and although I appear to be a bad person for those choices, I actually feel better and it makes my life easier to cope with so I'm taking the good with the bad I guess...for example, on fb I saw a video of a person being beat by a gang of people...that video made me so sick I actually vomited and then I had nightmares for months and had a severe reaction physically and mentally...I felt as if I had relived it through someone else's experience...don't worry about protecting yourself from what you know you can't handle...don't allow others to impose their opinions on how and why you should be coping differently or know you so do what you need to's world is saturated with visual and audio images that can be harmful to those who have suffered serious confident in what you need to heal..

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