Hello I'm new to this group I'm currently in therapy for pts

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Hello I'm new to this group I'm currently in therapy for ptsd, and I'm going to be learning some coping techniques today actually, I've learned that I've been living with ptsd for most of my life and that my military experience and my current employment continues to bring trauma reactions , that cause me trouble in my employment and at home, I'm kind of lost as to what to do about my employment as I have 21 years in and only have 4 to go until I get full pension, it's all recently come to a head , any advice as to how to cope with ptsd while I still deal with blood and guts and traumatic situations Dailey?

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Apr 23

i dont really have any advice specific to what you wrote about, i just came here because i am lonely, depressed in need to a safe place and some healing although i have been seaching to heal this pain inside me my entire life.......you didnt have a supporter i dont haVe a supporter. i get if you want someone who is going thorugh what you are, i was looking for t hat too but thought i might just be able to be an ear, respond sometimes being heard getting response is helpful

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Apr 23

Welcome to the ptsd group! And I'm sorry you haven't gotten a welcome earlier than this. We're usually pretty good about spying the newbies.
Without knowing more specifics about how you are experiencing the ptsd (e.g., flashbacking, panic attacks, nightmares), the best advice I can give you are things like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. Sounds silly, I know, but ptsd is all about your brain getting stuck in this fear, alert mode. So breaking that cycle, such as with relaxation techniques, is going to help stabilize you the most.
But we've got lots of tricks to share. So what are you having the most trouble with right now?


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