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Feeling drained from eliminating people that have taken adva


Feeling drained from eliminating people that have taken advantage of me over and over. Finding my boundaries over and over is draining. Amazing how people take advantage of veterans. I keep saying I'm sorry and I shouldn't after how they have treated me.

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Round3's picture
Oct 18

People take advantage of everyone. There are people that are so skilled at finding people who might be more vulnerable due to mental health issues, circumstance, etc. I know I've been taken advantage a couple of times since my diagnosis. I did a lot of work to figure out why it was happening and what I can do to prevent it. I've learned to be a whole lot more careful. NOTE: I am NOT saying we are at fault when others target us and take advantage. But, I know my loneliness and need to be liked made me more vulnerable.

Oct 18

Yes. I feel the same. But people do target good people when you just want to trust people. I too an lonely because I have disassociate with people that do this and have no good intentions, only to take advantage. They say change people, places and things but it seems the no good people try to get in your life. If you spot it back away.

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Oct 19

I joined this support group because no one understands PTSD and everyone I have met even professionals kept pressuring me to "hurry up and get over it." They belittled me for my symptoms and told me I just had to get out there and do this and that. They minimized my past trauma and said I was mentally ill rather than just traumatized by something I went through. They told me I was obsessing over the past too much and that to them was and indication that I "had a fear of going forward in my life," low self esteem, or was afraid of success. I think all that is totally not true now - but it took me a long time to call BS on all that and quit talking to people who said that. I feel better now, but hard to find people you can talk to. That's why I'm here. Thank you all for being here too. Wish it was ok to talk about this stuff in society more.


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