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Everytime I go to post and see the little how are you prompt


Everytime I go to post and see the little how are you prompt here I just think well I'm not dead yet and this time I thought I'm alive. It feels kind of significant but not at the same time. But I came to ask what do you do when people go out of their way to set you off? If they know all your triggers and grounding methods and know where you go to feel safe, would anyone have some advice, my exfiance has been harassing me and setting me off and hanging around me lately out of nowhere and the mix from seeing her and her setting me off is tearing me apart more than it should, I was doing better 3 days ago and I wanted to make a positive post but I just can't seem to stay better for long at all I should be fine I just should be but something won't let me go back to being me anymore

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Jul 11

@jlee19 well I don't have much here besides a good network for work, im ready to just leave, I've got nothing to keep me here anymore so I think it'll be good to do

Jul 14

@Ringer as long as you don't sacrifice anything you enjoy, just because of her presence. don't be discouraged, things will work out, it'll just take time. continue to have patience. remember, just breathe :)

Jul 22

@jlee19 I'm starting my move, I think I'll be finished in about another month then I'll be somewhere new, I'll be out of this place and just the thought of it is giving me anxiety but I know it's going to be better


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