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Brand new here. PTSD diagnosis about 5 years ago. Never real


Brand new here. PTSD diagnosis about 5 years ago. Never really had an issue with it, until last night. Crisis?? What the hell was that?!

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Dec 6

Hello Medic228 … I'm going to assume and reply, "Kilo 134 responding". Wow, long time since I've said those words! 7 years.

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I don't know enough about your situation to really know what to say. My index trauma was a call in October 2010 and my first flashback was January 2013. I wondered why the delayed reaction? I mean, I was doing just fine and then wham. I've since learned I was not doing 'just fine'. I was slowly decompensating. My coping mechanisms were working but slowly failing until they failed completely and I had the first flashback. I'm guessing last night was the breaking point for you. Can you tell us more about what led up to it and what happened during the incident?

Dec 10

Hi and thanks for the replies. I guess the trigger was a discussion with my wife, regarding my behavior of late. Not "being myself" and not being aware of the fact. Went to my therapist the day after this post. She assured me that it was not a "mental breakdown" as I suggested and thought it was, but a PTSD "crisis". Such a small word for such a severe emotional response. Through EMDR she was able to identify my trigger and now we will be working on how to deal with the triggers. I never really believed I "had" PTSD, I never really had an issue before the other night. But I will certainly be taking it more seriously now.

Dec 13

I was diagnosed with PTSD after a head on collision. I never wanted to believe I had it. I’m working through it with a therapist. It is good that you have one to help you through. I will pray for you. Have hope


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