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Any “advice” on how to date someone with PTSD? (Army)


Any “advice” on how to date someone with PTSD? (Army)
Like what is something someone should know going into it?

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Jun 11

It all depends on where s/he is at with treatment. Set your boundaries early by letting him/her know that anger/abuse directed towards you is an absolute no. There MAY be anger outbursts but we are all responsible for our actions and ptsd is not an excuse. I advise couples to have a plan for when there is an anger outburst. Perhaps you walk out, letting him know you will be back, and for him to call you when he's feeling better. Or he goes to the yard and you don't follow him. When I get triggered in the community I hate feeling like I have to explain it all. The hardest part for me has been 'coming back' after an incident. When I'm with my closest friends they know to just give me a minute, leave me alone, and then we pick up where we left off, no biggy. Ask your friend what would support him/her. And no, we don't want to talk about it. Any of it. The trauma, the messed up crap in our brains, any of it. That's usually for the therapist's office. So don't ask for him to describe it or tell you how he feels. I'm thinking back on when I've had triggers and really, the best support has been leaving me alone and letting me return to our activity as though nothing happened, pick up where we left off. And let me decide if I want to talk about it.

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