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Am i the only one who has random like panic attacks i guess.

Am i the only one who has random like panic attacks i guess. everyday i will just sit there typing at my desk after talking to a person and shake. my hands will shake and i get filled with this subtle fear that i just cant shake off. its not debilitating and i push through it. but **** is it annoying. does anyone else experience this? It just started a week or two ago. ive dis owned my abusive family just a month ago on the 3'd so maybe this is just me healing and decompressing idk. maybe im looking for when or where someone will want to hit me or scream at me....

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Aug 12, 2019

I agree with BEautyGirl, finding a counselor will help a lot. I don't know if you have been diagnosed with ptsd. I'm wondering if this is an Acute Stress Reaction or Disorder?? It's all about how long the symptoms have been present. But, I'm NOT a doctor nor qualified to say. If it's a Reaction or Disorder, that's really good news because if you deal with it all now, you can stop it from turning into full ptsd. So if you don't have a therapist, find one right away. As for the actual panic attack ... something is triggering them. See if you can identify something right before, and then work your way back until you find it. For me, at the beginning I was what I called "delayed reaction girl". I would react 12-48 hours later. Now, my reaction is a lot quicker, which is a good thing. For me, know what my triggers are has allowed me to deal directly with the cause and therefore avoid the reactions altogether. As an example .... I'm taking a university english class. I got a paper back and the feedback did not match the grade. I emailed the prof with questions. I felt she brushed me off. A few days later, when I went to sit down to write the next paper, I had a minor panic attack. Once calmed, I looked inward to see if I could figure out why. I happened to have an appointment with my trauma therapist that week, so I discussed it with her too. I was triggered because of the perceived injustice which is an ongoing theme in my traumas. I am now trying out different strategies that will hopefully help me to not react. So, in a long winded way, identifying the trigger allows you to deal with it and to develop better strategies when you do react. For me, having a plan and knowing what to do is everything!

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