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Always feeling alone or like I can never do anything right..

Always feeling alone or like I can never do anything right...


I think we have all been there at one point or another...find the one thing you like to do...the one thing that doesn't put too much stress on you and do it frequently...then stand back and admire it for a minute with affirmative thoughts...I like to keep my house I spend a few minutes every morning or every day doing a few things that help keep it nice and only takes about 20 mins or less each gives me a routine to keep me motivated and grounded in getting things done which gives a sense of accomplishment each day and it improves my environment and makes it more turns out the way I like it so I feel I did something right too...not everyone likes to clean but I'm sure there's something you like to do that could help give you the feeling that you can get things done in a manner that is pleasing and right...


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