Not sure how this works , Trigger Warning most defiantly

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Not sure how this works ,
Trigger Warning most defiantly

So , how am i feeling ; Not good at all, duck , incoming.
I found out 3 hours ago one of my best military brothers killed himself, this morning. When I got home my girlfriend took one look at me and the bottle of booze I came home with and got mad and stormed out with 2 bags, and I sat there devoid of all emotion and just clocked her as she walked through the room. I know I should have said something but her leaving is for the best right now.
So I'm sitting here putting a hurt on this bottle, wondering if this is my time too. He wasn't all there, none of us do, but he had his **** together, and I'm a perpetual teenager. We were tight, he even named his second son after me, how can I even look that kid in the face. I'll have a 2 day drive to his house to figure that one out, **** i hate funerals , well unless they are true Irish funerals, those can be entertaining.
My heads spinning in random thoughts right now, so I'll leave this post here, might add to it later.

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Feb 13, 2017

@MrSkyFlowers that is awesome to hear! I was worried about you :-)

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Feb 13, 2017

@norseduncan I had turned my phone off to focus on the funeral without distraction. I should have posted that before I did, but it was a rough patch. I'm even replacing the whiskey with greasy truck stop food for the journey home. I keep hearing my inner voice chant that mantra from What about Bob, baby steps.
Thank you for your thoughts.

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Feb 17, 2017

@MrSkyFlowers. I'm so sorry for your loss. <3


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