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November 19th, 2020


Complex PTSD is the worst. It's so debilitating. My brain ca


Complex PTSD is the worst. It's so debilitating. My brain can differentiate between the past and the present. At least I know what the problem is and hopefully get on a path of substantial healing. I remember a long time ago telling my therapist at the time "I don't want to die but I don't want to live anymore." I hold out hope of a better future where I have some kind of quality of life. Being mentally ill perpetuates unsatisfactory and lack of joy.

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Nov 22

Dear Supertech, I'm so sorry for the trauma of watching your father die, and for your continuing daily suffering since 2013, which led you to seek relief through drugs. I'm sorry your wife doesn't understand mental illness or PTSD. She doesn't understand that the trauma is physically embedded in your brain, so it's not just a matter of mind-over-matter ("getting over it"). Please know that there are now ways to recover from exactly the type of trauma you have experienced - you don't need to suffer every day for the rest of your life. So, do you have health insurance? Can you see a therapist? Some techniques for recovery from PTSD that therapists are trained in include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and SE (Somatic Experiencing). There may well be others.

Nov 22

@L2015 Thank you for your concerns and suggestions. I do see a therapist once a week. I'm also on meds for depression and the PTSD. They are still trying to find the right cocktail for the bipolar disorder. If you look at my other posts my wife has exponentially increased my depression by filing for divorce and serving me with a bogus protection from abuse. I guess she didn't want to deal with my problems any longer so she lied and said I abused her to get me evicted from my home. I've not laid a hand on the woman in 27 years. I'm the most gentle, loving and liberal person you could ever meet. Every person who knows me know she is lying but the people she had to convince were the authorities

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Nov 22

This may be odd advice but it somewhat helps me and was never given to me as advice I just kind of found it helps. When having a flashback I’ve learned to remind myself that it’s “just another rerun” I try to detach my emotions to the flashback by confirming to myself that I’ve already experienced this rerun. Of course only do this is you have accepted your past for what it was and you know you deserved better. Don’t try to go numb from the pain. I’ve processed the pain and accepted that it wasn’t my fault and I never deserved it. This took years. It took me time to view myself as I would view a friend and to see a friend would never deserve my pain and that I to didn’t. I hope this helps.


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