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So I haven't been on here in awhile I'm not doing so great I

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So I haven't been on here in awhile I'm not doing so great I got so starrely news yesterday that my boyfriend is a abuse guy . He never hurt me when I say no he listen he support me in anyway possible . But I can't shake it out of my head that someone I trust is telling me this . And I was in abuse for 14 years I can't go back down that road again

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Oct 9

@initwithyou61 I have known him for 5 years . Yes I know his family I call his mom ,mom . I feel so safe with him .all the time . But why are these people saying that for . Why

Oct 10

@Royaltyb15, why would someone spread a rumor or say something like that? Could be numerous reasons. Like for example, someone told me stuff about my ex when we were in love and rather young and it was because the guy had a crush on me and wanted us to break up. Another couple friends of my brothers would tell me rumors about him because they just didn't like him from before I knew him. But they later turned out to be bad people. I was slandered by someone because they're an addict that just wanted to keep drinking and getting high. Other times people slandered me when I was growing up and it was because they didn't know enough about the scenario or they didn't really actually know me at all. My true friends stood by me.

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Oct 11

@Royaltyb15, I wish I had an answer for that. Why do people do and say bad things? I guess because they are evil. We live in a world where good and evil coexist. Not everyone is honest, caring, loving, compassionate, etc. I know that's a hard thing to think about, but it is true. If you and your boyfriend have a good thing going, focus on your relationship and invest in each other. My husband and I have been reading books together for over a decade. One of our favorite authors is Dr. Gary Smalley. We loved his book The DNA of Relationships. I guess the best thing you could do to prove his accuser wrong is to have a fantastic relationship. Ignore the negative critical people and move on.


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