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I haven’t felt this way in awhile. I’ve been doing reall

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I haven’t felt this way in awhile. I’ve been doing really well.
Just bought my own house, got promoted at my job.
I still can’t get these horrible feelings away. They come and go and now they’re back again.

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Mar 12

"They come and go ..." and they probably always will. Try to focus on the "... and go ..." part of that statement. Self-harm is, at best, a *very* temporary relief when you are in a lot of pain. In the long run it causes more problems than it solves. Keep looking for strategies that help you to cope in a non-harmful way: courses, meditation, prayer, distractions, gratefulness journalling, meds, etc.. You can do "really well" again sometime soon.

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Mar 12

You have to reward yourself on good terms. For example, after work you can join the YMCA and go swimming. During the work week, I suggest you start repeating or humming the lyrics to a song that you can relate too. I don't work in an office but if I did, I would Humm the music in order to Distract. I Used to get images that will show up out of nowhere.

Mar 14

Its okay to stop, breathe, live & be happy... Be proud of yourself & your accomplishments. You deserve it. Focus on the positive things & when the bad feelings start slipping in, say OUT LOUD things your grateful for. Redirecting works.


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