Can anybody talk? I'm really down and feeling like I want t

Can anybody talk? I'm really down and feeling like I want to give up. I'm tired of the suffering. The flashbacks. The anxiety attacks. The nightmares. And no family and now no husband. I have my 3 little girls that need me. And I need them. But maybe they deserve someone that's healthier and mentally stable. Maybe my son to be x husband will find a better mom figure than me.

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May 20

Kathryn23 if you have supported me feel free to pm me day or night, I'll gladly hear you vent daily, (and offer you advice if that's what you need or want)

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May 20

You need time for you and breath. Maybe to yoga or meditation. Put this on you tube maybe your daughters might join in the class.

May 21

Doing something for me like yoga or anything to relax myself is definitely a big goal for me right now. My brain just doesn't give me a break. The flashbacks and compulsions won't let up.


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