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I'm 35 - diagnosed a month ago. I'm planning to give a full

I'm 35 - diagnosed a month ago. I'm planning to give a full shot to trying to conceive without donor eggs, including PRP treatment, IVF, IVA and MRT (maternal spindle transfer) - have the highest hope regarding the last procedure TBH. Also, I'm supposed to start HRT. I know that even in women with POI there is still a 5-10% chance of a spontaneous pregnancy. Do you know whether starting the HRT would decrease/ increase/ not affect that spontaneous pregnancy possibility in any way?

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Feb 15

Sure, these are some things that I've read on the internet and then discussed with my doctor:
- PRP - they inject Platelet-Rich-Plasma (these are from your blood cells) into your ovaries ( they have been documented cases of increased success and hormonal restoration, even 1 woman has conceived after regular menopause (not POI) using this method in Greece. The described effect was so good, that I was wondering if one could just do this procedure every few months instead of starting HRT. However, my doctor has said it's too invasive - done under full anaesthesia, so that's not an option. Still, when it comes to conceiving, she thinks that the procedure to start with, as it's supposed to increase the chances for both IVF and spontaneous conception. However, you wait for the results for at least 3 months. My doctor wants to do it this or next month - I will write here and let you know if I have any positive results when it comes to hormones or AFC or not.

MRT - this is basically genetic biotech and a very experimental procedure at this point. Clinical trials are being run with success but no commercial procedure so far. This actually consists of taking a donor egg, removing its DNA material and putting in the future mother's DNA material instead. It's only legal in few countries and there is some controversy around "3-parent-babies", but it's a chance of having a genetically related child when ones eggs won't work and there are already a few babies born with this method, healthy and well. They are now running more trials on bigger groups of people and it might become commercially available after some time (

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Feb 16

Thank you Essun. The PRP treatment looks like Stem Cells. I am adding two links on stem cells treatment overview and clinical study. Let me know your thoughts.

Feb 26

I think it's similar in the way the procedure is done nikki01, but the substance is different chemically. In PRP these are blood platelets while in the other ones these are stem cells. I've heard some people had improvement with stem cells, but my doctor says their clinic has not seen enough success with it, so they have stopped doing it. They do, however, recommend PRP.


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