I am 44. Dx with POF at 23. No children. I have been on .1mg

I am 44. Dx with POF at 23. No children. I have been on .1mg estrodial patch(changing 2x per week) and progesterone pill for 10 days a month and then stop all of it. Have a bleed for a week or so and then start all over. My Dr that I’ve had for the last 20 years retired. And now I have a dr that I’m not so confident in. But, she has told me there is no need for me to have a bleed. So she put me on .05 estrodial patch and taking progesterone every day. Not stopping any of it. I did that for 1 week and now have been bleeding for nearly 3 weeks. I took off the patch about a week ago and stopping taking the progesterone. Just to get it all out of my system. I’m starting to slow down on the bleeding. So I suppose I need to start the patch and the pills again. I’m wanting to know what those of you in my age range are doing for HRT? Are you still having bleeds? Thanks in advance.

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Feb 13

I am not sure whether a physician or Gynecologist should do it? Can any one else shed some knowledge on it?

Sep 11

I'm almost 35 and my OBGYN put me on 2mg oral Estrodial and take progesterone for 12 days a month. I'm hoping to get pregnant, she said that should regulate by periods. Only been taking them for a month so not sure if it will be regular. I don't take any breaks from the estrodial.

Jan 14

I'm 32 diagnosed at 17! I've tried various forms of hormone treatment including birth control patches and pills. The best combination for no bleeds in between was 1 mg estradiol and 12 days of progesterone, but my new gynecologist says 1 mg is not enough. After I started with 2 mg and still 12 days of progesterone my bleeding is very irregular. I've tried to stick with it but six months later I'm still having the same problems:/


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