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Hi All, I visited my doctor yesterday and I was asking her l

Hi All, I visited my doctor yesterday and I was asking her lot of question about hormones and she told me that if you start taking estrogen and progesterone hormones then there will be very less chances of ovulation and pregnancy, because women body will stop making those hormones. Just wanted to convey to all. Also, I realized please do your research, pay attention to your body and hot flashes, ask lot of questions from your doctor because they don't share only to the point information with their patients.

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Feb 24

Good for you for asking all the questions, sometimes you just have to spew them all out so they take the time to answer!

Feb 26

nikki01 - thanks for the information. It is quite disheartening, though. I've thought before that I would have more chances of ovulating if I go for HRT and not less. I think I've read some study that said that some women on HRT have restored they are ovarian function after some months of treatment.

Feb 27

@Essun - I did some research on internet and I found few links where it was said that some women got pregnant after HRT. Now, I am really confused. Also, they give artificial estrogen before IVF transfer. So, I am not sure about my doctor opinion. Well, I am going to check with my doctor during next visit. I am also looking for new doctor, if they recommend something different.


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