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Hello I’m new here. I was diagnosed with pof when I was 1

Hello I’m new here. I was diagnosed with pof when I was 14 and I had to have a bi-lateral oophorectomy when I was 15. I am almost 33 now. I have been leaving with this diagnosis for more than half of my life and I am still broken-hearted over it. I do not have any children but desperately want them. I didn’t reach out for help back then but I wish I had. Everyone around me is having babies and I am happy for them but it’s just so hard. Looking Just to talk with someone who understands.

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Feb 14

When I was first diagnosed. My doctor whose name is Dr. Marc laufer. He works for Brigham and women’s and Boston children’s hospital. He told me to go see him so I have set up an appointment . So we will see how that goes.

Feb 19

Sure. Please share afterwards.

Feb 26

Hi Becca, if the money is the issue, have you considered trying the embryo donation procedure in another country? It might have better prices while still good medical care.


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