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My husband has always been honest about how he feels about p

My husband has always been honest about how he feels about pregnant women, he can't be physically attracted to them. This always worried me as I knew one day I would be one. Now that day is here and since we found out we've only been together once, I'm now hormonal and really frisky for lack of a better word and he was honest with me and said that he cannot physically bring himself to do it even though I'm not even showing yet, he knows what's going on and he loves me and promises that it isn't about anyone else and he works never do that blah blah blah but he will not preform his husbandry duties until after the baby. He is fantastic about everything else and very helpful but said it just doesn't work for him he can't make it work... I'm so frustrated, we've been together a long time and we've always been great together physically and I felt like things were only getting better, then I got pregnant which should be a happy time except....

Nov 7

I can understand why this would be frustrating...... I don't even really know what advice to give you, maybe you could try to find other ways to show affection. Have you tried things like back rubs and maybe just more physical touch? I know, this doesn't really fulfill what your looking for, but at least it would be a way to make sure you have some type of physical connection through the pregnancy. Please know we're here to listen when you need an ear...

Nov 8

@chaoticjoy3 thanks so much for responding, I am going to talk with him and explain just that, that I need some sort of physical connection if he is not able to actually be with me, I feel lonely although I'm never alone

Nov 8

Definitely easy to understand the frustration if you are still early on in your pregnancy. Is he able to explain why this is a turn off for him? If it is because he is fearful of hurting the baby (which seems to be a common thing for guys), then he could definitely get informed/reassured that it is totally safe. Do you think it would help him to hear from other males about sex during pregnancy?


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