I'm 17. When I tell a close friend that I'm pregnant, they

I'm 17. When I tell a close friend that I'm pregnant, they act sorry for me. In the past weeks I've made the decision to keep it, and I'm happy and excited to have a baby. Why can't people be happy for me, instead of pitying me?

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Apr 9

Hey Beautiful girl. Ignore this cruel society they just know how to degrade others. No need to listen to them. It's your life, spend it the way you want to. Congratulations on your pregnancy I now your young girl. It will be a bit difficult for you to take care of your child. But if you have the support of your love then everything will be alright.
I have seen couples waited 17 years for their first child and you are getting your child at 17. Isn't it beautiful?
I will suggest you please prepare your self mentally for future. Take responsibility and have a look at every scenario you are going to face.
I would love to tell you my story I tried almost 3 years but didn't able to conceive even once. For me to get baby is my biggest wish which I was not able to get naturally. I was like the hopeless women ever but thanks to my 2nd half. He supported me a lot and we decided to go for surrogacy.
Thanks to Almighty it worked successfully for us and now I am blessed with two beautiful girls. I wish you best of luck with your pregnancy. Hope everything works well for you. Cheers.

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Apr 9

@Emilykingston Thank you. I wish you all the luck

Apr 14

Hi there!How are you doing? Hope you are doing well.Being a woman I can understand the feelings of your friend.And good to know that you are worried about her.Infertility is really a hurting fact.As she is thinking about IVF and surrogacy than I suggest to her surrogacy is the best option.As IVF can create some complications for her.Surrogacy is just like a natural way of birth.Ther is no need to worry about the method.Baby will exactly belong to you.Sperm and eggs will be from parents.How can family can stop her from fulfilling her dream of completing the family.It is a golden chance for her.My best wishes to her.God bless her


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