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I'll be 19 weeks on Wednesday!

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I'll be 19 weeks on Wednesday!

Mar 25

Hi ladies.Congratulations.We all knew, there is nothing in the world you have to be achieved without struggles or sufferings.The most important thing we all required is positive thoughts.Sometimes, things need some time to happen.Everything required effort, without you can't get success.During this time, every woman had different symptoms. We can not say that everyone had same feelings during pregnancy.It's really tough to manage yourself in this condition.But you can, there is no way to sort out.With the passage of time, things are going to be normal.I am facing severe headache with vomiting in the first trimester, but my second and third are better as compared to first one.It's just taking some time.Hope for good.It will be better soon.

Apr 1

Congratulations!!Wawoo great to know.So glad!!Pregnancy is the very adorable time.Having a baby in the womb for nine months, not to easy to face all the circumstances.Sometimes, there are lots of problems.Have a safe and healthy birth.I wished and hope that you have faced nothing like that.It is the part of life.Being a mother, I knew what is the value of a child in a parents life.They are suffering a lot just see too happy their kids.I am sure in future you are becoming the caring and loving mother.Keep thinking positive, I hope everything was quite good and fantastic in future.Have a healthy and happy pregnancy.Best wishes.


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