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I’m 14 weeks pregnant. Currently visiting my family from o

I’m 14 weeks pregnant. Currently visiting my family from out of the country, and due to the covid 19 I ended up staying with my family to ensure their safety during this time. My trip was supposed to be for 3 weeks and now 2+ months later I will finally go home towards the end of June. I haven’t seen my husband since we found out, as I didn’t know before the trip began! He is elated,and so am I, but even with being in a house full of family the last 2 months I’m so anxious, sad and feel extremely lonely. This is suppose to be a time of excitement and sharing with your partner and I just have 6000 miles of distance. I feel the stress of e-learning/teaching with my older two children, parenting my parents and dealing with a difficult and manipulative ex.( older kids dad) and my husband seems annoyed I cannot be happy and grateful. How can I fix this, any suggestions?

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May 22

I think that this time has been really stressful for all of you. You are happy, you just have a lot on your plate. Tell your husband that you are over the moon to have a child with him, but dealing with school and your parents has been hard. Let him know what when you are home he can help you find your joy again together.

May 25

So sorry you are feeling blue right now. These are difficult times and I believe everyone is handling the stress from this chaos in different ways. My husband and I were driving each other nuts for quite a bit recently. Crazy times. Take a breath, be easy on yourself, try not to lash out at your husband, and realize everything does not have to be perfect. Try some info here --- it could give you some help/suggestions. You will get through this time -- many blessings to you on your new little one on the way. Enjoy these precious moments of new life growing inside you!


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