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Hi im 30 weeks pregnant .. not feeling myself lately i know


Hi im 30 weeks pregnant .. not feeling myself lately i know its due o hormonal imbalance but i just feel worthless and i have no life! I am a second year medical student a wife and a daughter .. juggling between being the best at all those roles but i feel like i have no support at all .. everyone is so happy with the idea of a baby coming that they forgot abt me and started treatg me as if im just her container until she comes. I cry a lot and i feel so lonely and everyone thinks thats normal and they are like ur not the only one who is in school and pregnant but still im not the happy social fun girl i used to be 7 month ago . I dont recognize myself anymore!

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Feb 14

You have a lot on your plate, does your spouse see you are struggling, do they help out? Do you feel like this is stress and overwork or maybe some depression that is spiking?


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