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Hi, I just joined because i found out i was pregnant. Going

Hi, I just joined because i found out i was pregnant. Going through a divorce also. I dont know how far, just my hcg level is 133

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Jan 16

You are dealing with so much! The wonderful thing is you are talking about it!! SO glad you are posting!
What does your heart say about keeping your baby? What would be the joys of having a baby now?

Personally, I believe children are blessings from God, even if the manner in which they are conceived are unexpected or appear "wrong" at the time. I heard Pam Stenzel speak about 15 years ago. She was a product of a rape. She said she thanked her mother every day for choosing to have her, even though an abortion seemed like a good idea. Her talk and other women's stories about their sadness after having abortions, along with my faith, convicted me not to consider this an option if ever I had a seemingly unwanted pregnancy and needed to make a choice. Just giving you food for thought.

Praying for you to have peace today!!

Jan 16

I am sorry you are in this space. You are a strong, strong woman!!!! You made the courageous decision of picking your children over him, and I promise you won't regret this decision. I know things can look impossible now, but they are not. We are here to listen and help you through this, sometimes we just need to vent. I promise that even though this is hard right now, you will find that once you hold that baby things we all make sense. How are your older kids feeling? It is amazing how much help older children can be. I have a 18 yo, 13 yo, and 5 yo (youngest has a different father) and although the older 2 were a bit standoffish when I first got pregnant, they came around quickly. Now you couldn't tell that they were ever hesitant. I am so very thankful for the relationship they have, and can't imagine life with out the youngest. Saying prayers for you, that every day gets a little easier and you find the support you need.

Jan 16

I don't know how I'm feeling. My family is totally against it, they are all in my ear to in their words "get rid of it", my children think I'm too old to start over, my oldest will be going to college, so she won't have much of a relationship with it. My youngest doesn't see her dad at all, so this baby will have the same life she does and it a so hard on her. I'm unsure of everything at this point.


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