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Hi, I just joined because i found out i was pregnant. Going

Hi, I just joined because i found out i was pregnant. Going through a divorce also. I dont know how far, just my hcg level is 133

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Jan 16

I am sorry you are in this space. You are a strong, strong woman!!!! You made the courageous decision of picking your children over him, and I promise you won't regret this decision. I know things can look impossible now, but they are not. We are here to listen and help you through this, sometimes we just need to vent. I promise that even though this is hard right now, you will find that once you hold that baby things we all make sense. How are your older kids feeling? It is amazing how much help older children can be. I have a 18 yo, 13 yo, and 5 yo (youngest has a different father) and although the older 2 were a bit standoffish when I first got pregnant, they came around quickly. Now you couldn't tell that they were ever hesitant. I am so very thankful for the relationship they have, and can't imagine life with out the youngest. Saying prayers for you, that every day gets a little easier and you find the support you need.

Jan 16

I don't know how I'm feeling. My family is totally against it, they are all in my ear to in their words "get rid of it", my children think I'm too old to start over, my oldest will be going to college, so she won't have much of a relationship with it. My youngest doesn't see her dad at all, so this baby will have the same life she does and it a so hard on her. I'm unsure of everything at this point.

Jan 23

I have thought about it. I do get very intimidated when I am out and I see all these parents with babies and it emotionally takes me for a loop. They are mostly ALL young parents, I'm 36, 37 when this one is born. How do I start again at this age? Do I have what it takes to raise another child? Financially, no. Well it would be very tight with no wiggle room, I will be doing it completely alone, mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. It's exhausting thinking about it ALL. My mother hasn't spoken to me since I told her, which isn't tragic to me. We never had a good relationship to begin with. I know my kids would help as much as they could but I know it's not their place to. I started looking at names today and got a little excited but then while at the Drs overwhelmed with feelings I am not strong enough to handle all of this.


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