hi guys :) i never thought i would be writing this but i gu

hi guys :)
i never thought i would be writing this but i guess we can never know what will happen in our lives haha
i'm 18 and i'm scared of being pregnant. i had intercourse twice in my life, both times unprotected and we used the pulling out method. if my period tracking app is right, the second time i had sex was during my ovulation, and he didn't come inside of me but he came three times and pulled out each time. my period is two days late, which is not unusual for me but still i'm getting terribly anxious at the thought of being pregnant. it's too soon, and i slept with two different guys so i even know what i'm supposed to do if i'm actually pregnant.
i'm currently on vaca with my family for three more weeks so i can't do anything about it until i get back home. i've been looking for people talking out similar cases online for the past few days and all i can do is wait for my period. i really don't wanna be pregnant and i'm really really scared

Aug 10

hi. all my friends who had sex have had those scares including myself. It's intimidating. and I can only tell you to start having protected sex from now on. if you are pregnant explore the options that are accessible to you. if abortion is an option look into it now instead of later if you are wanting to do it. if you don't know you should ask your ma what she thinks you should do hypothetically.

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Aug 12

@fairy23 thanks for your reply!
i just got my period so i'm guessing it's okay, however i read many stories online where pregnant women still had their period so i'm still kinda worried it might be the case for me?


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