Hi everyone. I am really struggling with this pregnancy. I h

Hi everyone. I am really struggling with this pregnancy. I have been told twice now by my doctor that my sac is empty. He basically told me I should prepare myself for a misscarriage or a DnC. He did draw more blood work and said i could wait it out a little bit longer. But he said that its not looking good. I'm not sure why? so many unknown variables. I have all the right hormones, throwing up, sore chest, everything. Anyone else been through this? I was estimated to be 6 weeks and 5 days yesterday.

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Feb 17, 2017

I had that as well, such a heartbreak, I am very sorry. Hugs!

Sep 11

First of all, I want to suggest you to face this horrible situation in your life with positive attitude and strong will power. I am feeling so sorry for your miscarriage problem. There are 20% women who are facing miscarriage problem all over the world. Today we are living in medical research based world. You can easily defeat miscarriage problem with easy and effective way. I can understand your pain at this situation. I am one of the lucky women who get this golden opportunity at this reliable platform to help you on behalf of my personal life experience that give me full satisfaction. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to understand my problem and full my whole life with happiness with healthy baby gift. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression. The stress and depression is responsible for miscarriage problem. You should make proper planning to overcome stress in life with powerful yoga and meditation to get full relaxation in short time period to achieve your target.
Once we have to attend a marriage party in Ukraine where we have you met my old college friend who is popular gynecologist of Ukraine. We discuss our problem in detail to get reliable solutions. It is very important to understand your body hormone level balance. You get maximum benefit by understanding your body signal very well to skip miscarriage possibility in medical way. You should aware about proper sitting and selecting way to defeat this horrible problem in your life in next pregnancy. It is time to learn from your past mistake to enjoy baby gift in your life that fulfill your whole life with happiness like me.

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