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Hello Ladies! New to this online support thing, be gentle wi

Hello Ladies! New to this online support thing, be gentle with me! Reaching out for some support and maybe someone who is in my position of went through it... here goes. I am 29 6 months pregnant and on my own, there is alot of history between the father and I , not the best either he hasnt treated me very nice but I kept finding him again and I guess convincing myself that it must be for a reason, long story short we got back together he said all the right things, i got pregnant he dumped me and has slowly dissapeared. Ive moved back in with my parents for help, but that is a tricky situation as welll as my mom struggles with some personal demons so I feel very alone and have a hard time dealing with my emotions sometimes. None of my friends can relate to me so i feel like everyone is tellling me im better off but its very hard when i see couples with babies, Im not a child and at 29 i never thought id be the woman who got pregnant dumped and ignored. Is anyone else feeling like this? in this situation? Could use some guidance and friendship right now.

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Jul 3

Don't give up sweetheart. You are not alone feeling all this. Your husband is not normal at all. Who does that to a wife who is pregnant. Seems like he never wanted a baby. Virtual hugs for you. Take good care. And, stay positive.

Jul 3

Hi dear. Welcome to this forum. Don't worry. Everything will be fine soon. Bad things happen but they open the door to happiness. Take care of your health. Don't think of your husband. I know it's very hard but you have to do this. Good luck dear.

Jul 15

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and my husband just filed divorce papers. For 2 months he has said he’s not sure about our relationship and wasn’t sure if he wanted a divorce or not. The filed papers made it pretty clear. I thought we had a great relationship and were crazy about each other and was totally blindsided. I now live with my parents. Would love to communicate with anyone else in a similar situation. Please reach out if you’d like to support each other


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