Hello. Im 4 months pregnant. Its my first pregnancy. Im mar

Hello. Im 4 months pregnant. Its my first pregnancy. Im married. Had a love marraige. I love my husband alot. I badly wanted this pregnancy. I feell very low sad lazy n depressed most of the time. My husband is a doctor and due to his busy routine he doesnt spend enough time with me. I too am a working lady. I get suicidal thoughts negative feelings. I feel scared what happening with me. I feel scared about my pregnancy and the outcome. I feel scared that my husband doesn't understand my problems. He is a doctor n this makes me more crazy he should understand more. At times i feel i can feel better by going out with him and having dinner. But this rarely happens due to his schedule. So im standing no where. Feeling alone and crazy. Whole day in a room. Please someone help me

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Feb 15

So sorry you are feeling low sometimes during such a special time...but please know that hormones and sustaining the life within you ARE exhausting...and effect everyone differently, so don't feel bad about how you are feeling. Do you have a local support system--friends? family? a church family? Working on top of it can be hectic...but perhaps just some distractions every now and again? Hang in there...and congratulations!

Mar 13

Hi Nudrat! I'm sorry you are feeling this way. If there was any way I could help I would. It seems here you just need to keep reminding yourself of all the good in your life. Focus on that. I've often heard about stress during pregnancy and after too. I haven't been through it though. I was never able to conceive naturally. I don't have a uterus that would support it. It had to be removed some years ago. I think you should think about people like us and realize how great you have it. I can understand the feeling lonely part. I remember when we first realized we couldn't conceive we were broken, and often I felt alone because hubby was grieving in his own way. Anyway, we finally decided on surrogacy. I now am so happy! I'm sure everything will work out in the end for you too. Just be patient and hopeful!

Mar 25

Hey lady.I can understand, in this condition.You want to some people having with you.Dear, I had also felt tired and dizzy.I am also alone at home, my husband is at on job.But with the passage of time, I will manage myself.I hope you can also do it normally.In the beginning, things are going to be tough, but later on, it going to be normal.Have a healthy and happy pregnancy.


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