Hello. Im 4 months pregnant. Its my first pregnancy. Im mar

Hello. Im 4 months pregnant. Its my first pregnancy. Im married. Had a love marraige. I love my husband alot. I badly wanted this pregnancy. I feell very low sad lazy n depressed most of the time. My husband is a doctor and due to his busy routine he doesnt spend enough time with me. I too am a working lady. I get suicidal thoughts negative feelings. I feel scared what happening with me. I feel scared about my pregnancy and the outcome. I feel scared that my husband doesn't understand my problems. He is a doctor n this makes me more crazy he should understand more. At times i feel i can feel better by going out with him and having dinner. But this rarely happens due to his schedule. So im standing no where. Feeling alone and crazy. Whole day in a room. Please someone help me

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Feb 16

Have you ever dealt with depression in the past?


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