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Hello I’m 34 weeks today and need some advice or just a ve

Hello I’m 34 weeks today and need some advice or just a venting mechanism. This maybe TMI but here we go. So I’m a very sexual person and so is my partner. After becoming pregnant we was still at it but now he’s not attracted to me anymore. Which I know is true and no in my head because he admit it one day. It hurt but I brushed it off. Recently I came unto him and he just kinda rolled over I asked him and his response was after I have the baby. That’s very hurtful and low seeing that I am the one dealing with the weight gain. I can’t brush this one off and I do t want to speak to him about it because I know I will tell him to leave. I’m trying to find a outlet but it is not working. I just want to be alone and when he is around me I’m disgusted. I’ve evn started changing in the other room. We usually take showers together and I stopped that. I’m not comfortable anymore. FYI I e only gained 24 pounds and it is all belly. Any input is appreciated.

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Jan 11

Your pregnancy weight will come off in about 6-8 weeks after you have the baby. If you plan to breast feed the weight will come off a little faster and you'll even lost more weight.
I'm truly sorry you're partner says he's not attracted to you right now, but is it possible he's afraid of hurting the baby? A lot of men who say they find the mother of their child to be unattractive in the later months of pregnancy are actually concerned about how to get close to her without hurting her or the baby. That may not be something he's even admitted to himself.
Gaining 24 pounds isn't much at all and I wouldn't worry about the weight, it will come off in weeks after the baby is born.
I hope the your pregnancy continues to go smoothly and the baby's birth is smooth and easy also. I wish you all the best.

Jan 21

It's definitely hard to approach something like that, but I think it is best to approach it. He's responsible for the "weight gain" by getting you pregnant. It's not fair to let you feel down about yourself because you guys are having a child together. I don't want to be negative, but I have a friend that went through this and was eager to get things back to normal after having her baby - but after she had her baby, he then started using the excuse that he couldn't look at her sexually anymore after seeing her give birth. I think it's wise to tell him how you're feeling so the problems don't become long term. I really hope he comes to terms with it. Pregnancy is beautiful and I'm sorry you have to feel this way about it. ):


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