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All over the place. For the first time i considered abortion


All over the place. For the first time i considered abortion even though i know very well that I want my baby and I wouldn't be able to go through with it. There are many factors ofcourse but I guess that's what led me on here

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Jan 11

I'm 32 weeks and having trouble w the father too. I just came home, after being rejected and have been processing the fact that I'm alone and having a baby. I want to be with him, the father, but have to accept he may just not want to be with me. I'm just gonna focus on baby now and try my best to be strong for him. your baby's father can not force you to abort. I have no idea how and if my baby's father will be involved. I also have no idea how we are gonna make it, but know I will figure it out and you can to. theres is much assistance out there if u are not working and decide to have ur baby, either way its 100% ur decision. I've been having a hard time determining what emotions I'm experiencing are real and which are hormonal. have you had this feeling? is there somewhere u can go to clear your mind? a hike in the woods, yoga, or meditation helps me sometimes...I pray for you that u will find ur peace.

Jan 12

@pregodoggymomma im sorry to hear that you are going through something very similar. I wouldn't wish it on anyone and for me it's mind boggling to even find myself in a situation like this. Yes he has no right to make me abort and thank god for those laws. I think he tried to scare me into it by saying he will take my child. I'd like to see how the court responds to that scenario. I did find out that if i leave him off the birth certificate he has no right to the baby so that's what I'm going to do. He would have to get a court ordered paternity test first then custody hearings etc. I'm not telling him when I have the baby nor will i go looking for him. So he's going to have to find us first.

I totally feel crazy sometimes and i think it is the hormones. It feels like my rationality is failing me at times. Going through what we are, i don't blame us either. Im keeping myself busy now applying for jobs and trying to get work so i can save. My home life isn't the best either so i want to move and get my own place. I dont know how it will work but i will try. I hope things get better for the both of us.

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Jan 13

To Sosammy: Hang in there, girl, you CAN do this! You're right...the guy can't force you to abort, nor can he simply take your child and get away with it. Abortion isn't the answer to this challenging situation, and since you DO want your baby, you'd forever regret it if you got an abortion.

I highly recommend that you seek out a pregnancy resource center, as they will give you a free ultrasound, they will help you with finding resources for your prenatal care, delivery, and post-natal care, they will help you with diapers & clothing, they have parenting courses, and they will emotionally support you the whole way. They LOVE babies and they love mommies, too! They will advocate for you as much as you need.

These days, communities offer so much support for single moms. Another great resource is a local church; if it's a good, healthy church, they'll compassionately support you and come alongside you. Many churches have single mom support groups, too. You'll need a "tribe" of women who can relate to your situation and you will all encourage one another.

You are about to embark on one of life's most meaningful journeys: parenting. It's not easy, but it's the hard things in life that tend to be the most rewarding. You have a precious little one growing inside you who is rejoicing because you are choosing to protect and nurture him/her! God bless you and your sweet baby!

If you'd like more resources for single motherhood, private message me and I'll send them to you.

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