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Hello I've been diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago and


Hello I've been diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago and it's taking a really emotional toll on me. I don't know who to talk to becuz people that r close to me seems to not understand that it is a disease. Especially one that is invisible. Well anyways I wanna know if by any chance my lower left abdomen feeling like sharp tightness as well as my lower left back can be from the PCOS. I've been feeling very tired, headaches have been coming and going. I don't have insurance at the moment so I haven't seen a doctor for awhile. I am also nervous about maybe getting cancer that u can get from PCOS.

Dec 4

I can relate to you in the fact that the people around us can be sometimes ignorant at the fact that our disease is real. The people in my life have even laughed when I have called it a disease. But remember we have nothing to prove to anyone. Our struggled and symptoms are real & there is others out there who share them. Hope you get to see a doctor soon.


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