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Hi every one I am new to this group but I have some things g

Hi every one I am new to this group but I have some things going on that I don't know what to do about it well here it go's my daughter is 33 years old she has bipolar she has 4 kids her oldest is 13 years old for the first few years my husband and I raised the oldest grand daughter my daughter was on drugs and not a good mom she came and took her daughter home to live with her so for 5 years now my grand daughter lives with her mom and now has 1 brother and 2 sisters all younger. well my daughter allowed my grand daughter to have a boyfriend he is 16 she found out they had sex and now dose not allow them to see each other . come to find out the boy text her told her she can not break up with him he will not allow her to he has told her things to get her and my daughter to get into fite,s talked her into running away now she is cutting her self. and my daughter put her in a stress center but they just put her on pills and sent her home 3 days later, nothing has changed the boy will not go away cops say their is nothing they can do about it and now my daughter seen text he putting kill your mom idea in her head it is getting out of hand I don't know what to do from here, any advice? we need help

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Feb 17

Keep reporting new texts to police, esp is he is talking about him or her killing her mom. You can also call social services. They also help “youth in conflict” and can possibly help your daughter and grand daughter with support services. Try to get your granddaughter into therapy if you can, cutting is a serious issue.

Feb 21

we are trying to get her into therapy she dose not want to go also trying to keep her away from the boy but I think they are sneaking and talking on the phone.


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