Hey guys. IM on ten right now. The mother of the son iClaim

Hey guys. IM on ten right now.
The mother of the son iClaim as my stepson just tryed to blow down or put me in my place.
Now iDO NOT mind criticism.
So the son is now 3yrs old. And iVe ben arnd since he was born(his fathr&i were just good friends then.)
It's alot to say but i.ll try to state the important and i.ll answr questions to sense of it.
Sooo son is a bit out of hand in some instances to me. And both his parents seem to b aware of this. He tends to be a bit violent and he's too **** young to be this way. He will hit any kids whether he's mad or not. And some kids hit him bck other cant or just cry. So iTake it upon myself to hit him a smack more lik a love tapp in the head or butt or do wat he did bck. And he.ll sit and pout and look soo sad and he wont do it nomore.
Wellll....... He told his mothr and she wants to talk to me. Im handed the phone and iM in a neutral non disrepectful mood and she asks if iHit him in his head. I said yeah but she is cursing and iM not good at disrepect and agruing in general + we're on the phone. I hand the phone bck while saying that iCant bcus she didnt have to curse and im not doing this. So now she pissd, im pissd and so is the fathr.
For sometime i.ve ben wanting to sit dwn and have a parent talk all 3or4 of us. But he makes it seem lik she wont b civil and theres no point somtime iFeel lik its just him(idky tho.) But on my passd fathr iWuld not just walk arnd puttin my hands on any kids in any violebt manner for no reasons at all. Now iM waiting to have a convo with my boyfriend and see where it goes. Some ppl have told me that iShuld just leave the son alone and not do nun for him. To me in my mind that just is not right. And iDo not see how me treating him differently from the way iTreat our daughtr will make sense in OUR future... Its just not logical to me.
Input please!!!?

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Feb 9

I can understand your frustration of this child being violent and not obeying. But that does not give you the right to hit someone else's child. IF you feel that something needs to be done, you should've discussed this with the mother of this child, talk about what he did and see if there is a professional parenting solution. I say professional because when a person hits a child for parenting reasons, it's often an expression of 'i am frustrated, i don't know how to solve this, so i hit the child' , but studies have shown that hitting a child is NEVER a good idea. And now you are in a situation where you not only have hit the child, but also made the parents very angry that you did so. So you disturbed the relationship 3 fold.

If i where you id apologize to the parents and just say you were frustrated with the child constantly hitting other children. If you want to know more about professional parenting, id highly suggest you look up on Jo frosts super nanny books or youtube videos.

Jo Frost's Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior


Have a look at one of the parenting youtube videos to give you an idea.


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Feb 12

Sooo come to find out a family member went and told the mothr what happend and more and more iM gettin in my feelings about this.
I.ve talkd to a couple of family members abt this situation and im more uneasy about this and feel lik i shuld just not deal with the son. Lil iShuld just leave and come bck when its convenient for me. Keep my self from feeling lik its my place to discipline a child that does not belong to me.
Then i was told that, that wuld b wrng of me to stay away when he's used to me being arnd. At this point iReally dnt care. And no matter waht sumone will have sumthng to say about me in a negative way & no matter what iM not his parent and what iSay and do wont have value. Part of me is lik f*k it thats thr son and dont do nun for him while the other part is lik what tha point

Im ovr it i.ll just go day to day nd not do anythng. He can now take care of their child the way they want and iWont do nun differently.


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