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Hey guys, today I'm most grateful for having acquired good f

Hey guys, today I'm most grateful for having acquired good friends, and being born into the only family that could put up with me. It's been a good day overall. It's one of those days that reminds me I won't run out of happy times in my life.

What is the one thing you're most grateful for today? Share if you want to, and have a great day/night/life.

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Dec 5

Hmmm, I suppose I am most grateful that we live in a free nation and that hopefully the US will finally get rid of our travesty of a president.

Dec 5

Hi anyone who reads this, I've been told to limit myself to posting to 6 groups per day (I was posting to 24 in order to try to support a larger number of people, but it's Support Group's rules, so I'll follow it). So in case anyone's been reading my posts in any of these groups, I'll be alternating between groups each day, so you may or may not see my posts in a few days. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day/night/life, and I'll see you sometime soon.


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