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Hello everyone I'm new here... Please I have a paranoid schi

Hello everyone I'm new here... Please I have a paranoid schizophrenic spouse. We have been married for 7 years now and it has been with Up's and downs... With series of attempted divorce. I really want to make things right with him. I need him to trust me, love me again like he used to. I know better now. I don't know what to do to regain that love and trust we once shared. I've tried being nice, talk, being caring but he is still very distant. I need help.

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Mar 26

@rod1985 Thank you so much for your comment... I truly appreciate

Mar 26

Hi, I also have schizophrenia

I don't know if he has this but from my experience, schizophrenia is a whole different world where delusions (false beliefs) are a reality for people. To show you understand, sometimes you have to understand what their delusions are in order to know how to help them.

Let me make something clear though: A person can hear voices and live with their voices for a very a long time. Second, a person can live believing one thing their entire life. We do not know if any religion was caused my mental illness or delusions. The main symptom you want to look for when a person is unwell is intense fear or overtaking about a certain fear that they have.

For example, I still hear voices, the medications I take help me from making them feel amplified and loud in my head. When it comes to mental illness, the medications either work for you or they don't. It is mostly a guessing game. The more distant he becomes, the harder it will be know how to help him. The biggest fear of a mentally ill is being sent to the hospital when it is very unnecessary.

Being told someone is delusional is not nice and puts a person in a position of fighting back and not wanting help. For example, I still believe the government uses synthetic telepathy to cause people to hear voices and mind control the population. If you don't become part of his world, how do you expect to help him? Sure, that believe, would get me sent to the hospital cause everyone assumes is a sign they are unwell. Yet it's expected from the mentally ill. The idea is I am not fighting with anyone about my beliefs. I simply agree to disagree. And that's a mentality that is very hard to reach for a person with schizophrenia. It is the part when you stop lying to the doctors because the less information that they have, the less they know about helping you.

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Mar 27

@Artsoul thank you for your comment... But the problem still remain how I can get closer to him... He keeps pushing me away. Not wanting to discuss anything about himself with me cos he believes I laugh at him and make jest of him with my siblings which I can never do. What do I do?


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