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I can't tell if I'm just jealous or really paranoid. Me and


I can't tell if I'm just jealous or really paranoid. Me and my supposed to be fiance have been together for four years now and I still can't tell the difference. Although I slightly knew what I was getting myself into when I said let's do this, I was totally wrong. Okay so this is what's going on. He has approximately three baby mom's me being the fourth. Five kids my our kid together making six and my daughter from a previous relationship making it seven. I feel like he hides to talk to the baby mom's. Never in front me. Either he would be at work on the road or just taking some time to himself riding around or whatever. When I mention something about it he always says that I am trippen that he doesn't back track. But why so secretive. That's what I don't understand. I don't have friends or anyone supporting me in this group so it's kinda hard for me to kinda deal with it on my own. If anyone has been through something similar to this support me please and try to help me through this situation. Most people would say just leave but it is not that simple.


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Jan 9

@Teelee1993 My pleasure, I just know you are full of love and you are loyal. Sometimes we feel like we get kicked down because we are the way we are. However, you just stay positive and remember, you are enough just as you are. Thank you for letting me know you are ok.

Jan 11

Hello, I definitely agree with what others have been saying and would also encourage you to love yourself, appreciate yourself, and know that you are going to get through this situation. Just keep your head up. In terms of advice, I personally would be very open with this man and tell him how you feel. Because while he could potentially be keeping something secret from you, you are also keeping something secret from him, your feelings. Sit down with him and have a long discussion about this matter. Don't let yourself be devalued and dismissed. I hope everything works out, please let us all know how things are going! Best wishes!

Jan 31

Sounds complicated... I would have a conversation with him and just let him know how you feel. Of course delivery of that discussion is important as well as timing. But don't hold off until you feel like you are going to explode if you don't say something. Prayers!


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