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I’m pretty new to this and I’m afraid to admit this beca

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I’m pretty new to this and I’m afraid to admit this because I find it rather embarrassing.
I had a panic attack today at school, someone was up in my face yelling at me and I just snapped, next thing I know I’m being taken to the guidance office by one of my friends, I was a crying mess.
They had to physically hold my hands down so I wouldn’t pull out my hair, they were only able to let go when someone handed me my drawing, I don’t know why but drawing makes the pain stop. Whenever the attacks hit I always like to hold something, or sketch it just feels better to me.
I’m sorry I’m speaking nonsense

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Feb 11

You are not speaking nonsense. You're describing your experience. I'm sorry that no one saw the need to stop that person from being in your face. Hope it doesn't happen again but if it does, walk away. The person doesn't deserve your attention if they are yelling at you. If possible, you can even say "Stop yelling." as you walk away. So they can understand that it's not that you are ignoring them but that you are not engaging in any communication with them until they calm down. Also, it will give you a chance to calm yourself so you can respond in a reasonable manner and not get so upset that it develops into a panic attack. It may not be easy to do but you would probably agree that it is easier than trying to calm down after your panic attack has started. An old proverb has been helpful for me. "A mild answer turns away rage, but a harsh word stirs up anger." Proverbs 15:1

Feb 11

Don't be embarrassed. You are not alone in this. Many of us have been there before and gotten through it. You will too. Having an outlet, like your drawing, is so good. Mine is writing. I have found, like you, it calms me and helps me sort through all that is going through my mind. Panic attacks are often set off by something. But, they are also the result of unresolved things with ourselves. Think about talking with someone to try and figure out where the panic attacks are coming from. You have so much life to live, don't let these attacks control you! HUGS!

Feb 13

Sorry to hear of your experience. A couple of good things from this are that you have good friends and that you were able to share this.Know that you are not alone. As Nella said, drawing boundaries may be a helpful way to prevent you from getting to the stage of panic. My now husband has been really good at encouraging me to speak up on things that are triggering. Also, sometimes having someone (licensed counselor) to talk to can be helpful.


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