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December 5: Today was hard, and I caved in towards the end.

December 5: Today was hard, and I caved in towards the end. However, today I'm most grateful for God, and all the ways He's sent help to me when I most need it. I know not everyone is religious, or a part of my religion, but because today was such a hard day for me, I need to find gratitude in Him. And in doing so, I feel so much better.

How was everyone else's day, and what is something that you are most grateful for?

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Dec 6

That's awesome! God has also helped me through some hard times, so I'm happy that you're able to trust Him more <3

Dec 6

How was it hard? I'm grateful for my wife and my step son and step daughter.

Dec 6

@HP4609 I haven't been able to get a good sleeping schedule going because there's so much I have to do, between schoolwork, which drains me, my writing, which helps me want to live again, and my family time, which is important to me. So that was draining me, and then I was told my aunt has breast cancer for grandmother has already went through breast cancer twice, and there have been a lot of rough things going on over the past five years. Plus, I felt so lonely. I haven't been able to see my friends as consistently as I want to...honestly I can't describe it all, that's only half the story. It's all just too painful to rehash.


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