Hello, What sites are reputable? I tried bumble and the ma

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What sites are reputable? I tried bumble and the matches are terrible..at least for over 40..tinder Is no better.

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Jan 22

What about a more specific search, like by religion or interests? Thought this might help.

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Jan 22

I never did online dating apps and don't recommend them. I've heard lots of nightmare stories. But some friends of mine who did eHarmony and Silver Singles had very good results. One of my good friends is dating a very nice and handsome man whose family likes her and they're getting on very well. Another friend of mine from the Divorce Group got married after he healed from his divorce and met the woman on eHarmony. He and the woman (who was from another country) got their churches involved in finding out what they were both like, so they could feel more confident about their partners after they met on eHarmony. It's worth a try if you don't mind the risk of match making agencies and those two charge a fee but are more reputable and no risk of being cat fished I suppose.


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