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So so lost in the mind. One day I feel it has gone, everythi


So so lost in the mind. One day I feel it has gone, everything seems to be perfect and it works the way i want. The next day i am back to square one, same thoughts, same anxiety, same compulsions. I feel as if i could never escape myself and my mind. It feels as if I am caught up in a vicious cycle and there is no end to this loop. After all it seems to be a very big loop. Its like a mind prison except no one could see it. Why me? & why you ?

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May 15

the mind can indeed be a prison. but it can be escaped from. does grounding help you at all?

May 18

I've had these days in my past. I was not one to express myself verbally or make friends easily, so I kept ALL of my thoughts inside and the compulsions overwhelmed me. The most I'd say was "Hi and fine." There were so many times I asked that same question: Why me?

I discovered over time that I was not talked to when I was young. My parents had so many issues of their own that I was neglected. I grew up having conversations with myself. It appeared that others were "normal." So not true. I was not alone. You are not alone. In addition to this forum, do you have support? Is there anyone in your circle of love that can support and encourage you? Have you researched support groups in your area or discussed this with a professional? There are people who would love to walk alongside you!


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