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I’ve had a fight with my bf. Is it wrong that I tell him t


I’ve had a fight with my bf. Is it wrong that I tell him things that happen to me involving people from the past? I mean I don’t entertain them. I leave them on read, so there’s no bad thing about that. But I get intrusive thoughts from it which makes me say it to him. If I don’t say it my thoughts intensify and in the long run I explode. But if I do say it like what I just did awhile ago, he sees it that i’m insensitive. I just don’t want for us to fight. But I don’t tell him, my mind convinces me that i’m cheating, doing something behind his back, or not loving him really. Please help.

Oct 18

Hi wdln, Sorry you're in a difficult spot with your bf right now. It sounds like if you don't say your thoughts out loud to him, then you'll explode with anxiety. Am I understanding this correctly?

Oct 18

@L2015 Yes it’™s correct. Even before I met him, I was always wired to respond this way to this kind of situation because it felt familiar to and it felt like its “safe” just because I got used to it. When I try to suppress my feelings if I get intrusive thoughts, it intensifies and I start to feel numb. And I suddenly just explode with anxiety


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