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Hey guys. I hope all is well. I'm officially diagnosed with

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Hey guys. I hope all is well. I'm officially diagnosed with OCD, and am prescribed meds, have been doing better. I'm absolutely not where I need to be, not even close actually, but better than I was.

The best advice I can say to you guys as someone who has had intrusive thoughts for seemingly forever now is to Acknowledge that you're always going to have intrusive thoughts. Some of you can not probably control your thoughts. That's okay. We need to learn to not react to these thoughts, not to spend hours and hours figuring out what they mean, why they're there and judging ourselves for having these thoughts. Acknowledge that intrusive thoughts are a part of you, make you anxious, repeat themselves constantly, but you have the ability to change how you react. Again, I'm not anywhere close to being cured or over this, not by a long shot. But you talk to me 5 months ago vs where I'm at now, it's a night and day difference. That's what I've learned over the past few months.

Aug 2

Hi JC, It was very nice to read this. I'm happy for you! What you wrote sounded so grounded, sane, made a lot of sense. It was helpful too. Best wishes as you continue your recovery!


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