Finally some releaf. Feeling better now but hate myself for

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Finally some releaf. Feeling better now but hate myself for doing it. Been fighting the urge off and on for days. The blade just felt so good. I'm sorry.

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Sep 11

I feel like if I don't hurt myself...I'll look to pick a fight and hurt someone else. And then sometimes I do it to punish myself.

Sep 13

Hello, Thanks for you strength for reaching out for support. Please stay strong. I would like for you to do this. Can you find a family member or friend someone you trust to remove or discard blades and any harmful thing that you would use to cut or harm yourself. Secondly, make a contact list of family, friends, pastor and etc. and call them when you feel you want to cut so these people can help prevent. Please try these tips below to prevent cutting when you feel the urge. If you need to talk you can call; The Samaritans it’s a 24-hour confidential hotline at (212) 673-3000. They help through anything. Hugs!
Coping Techniques – paint, journal, write song or poem of how you feel, write down negative feelings then rip up paper, listen to music
Calm yourself- take a hot shower, pet or cuddle with dog or cat, massage your neck, hands and feet
If you feel disconnected or numb- call a friend (talk about anything), take a cold shower, hold ice cube in the crook of your arm or leg, chew something very strong such as, peppermint or grape fruit peel
Release Tension- exercise such as, dance, run, hit punching bag, punch a cushion or mattress or scream into pillow, squeeze a stress ball or squish play-doh or clay, rip something (paper or magazine), make noise (play instrument, bang on pots and pans)
Substitute for cutting- use a red felt tip pen to mark where you usually cut, rub ice across your skin where you usually cut and put rubber bands on wrists, arms legs and snap them instead of cutting or hitting

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Sep 15

@jstar845 Right now I do not trust anyone with the blades. It would be better for me just to discard them myself like I have in the past. There are not many people I can turn to in real life so that is why I am here. It is hard for me to really trust anyone since people have turned on me in the past. Feel like I can't trust anyone. I have tried most of these coping mechanisms in the past. Drawing, music, poetry, etc. used to work sometimes. The other night I was finally able to write a poem which hasn't been done is such a long time.


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