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My girlfriend and I just had sex for the first time. We used

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My girlfriend and I just had sex for the first time. We used a condom and everything but with my OCD I'm having an obsessive thought that somehow the condom failed. It was both our first real intimate experience and I've never really seen one in action. That thought genuinely scares me and it won't leave my head. Is there anybody who could help me?

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Oct 11

you're fine, believe me, I have had a million panick attacks like because of that! is she taking the pill? Either way don't worry, condoms only fail when they rip apart which I bet it didn't happen. they say it's 99% because that might happen not because your sperm will corrode the condom lol, besides tons of women STRUGGLE to get pregnant, it may be unlikely to happen even without it (I do not recomend this ofc because the panic would be way more justified in this case xD)

Johnnymcfife's picture
Oct 12

Thank you both so much, honestly the only thing that was wrong was my OCD. I knew when this would happen my mind wouldn't take it well at all.

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Oct 14

@Johnnymcfife how are things going at this point?


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