What do you do when you are in your late 50's, body is falli

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What do you do when you are in your late 50's, body is falling apart, bad knees, bad back, stiff neck, very overweight, severely depressed, & unemployed? That is me.
I just recently lost my husband so I eat lots of fast food because I can't bring myself to only cook for one now. I can't do the job I once did, which was driving a truck because of my weight. I also believe I'm dealing with not only age discrimination when looking for a job, but discrimination based on my weight. I get turned down for jobs I'm more than qualified for. The useless Doctor I go to always gripes at me to exercise and lose weight. Yet how am I supposed to exercise with a very bad knee, a bad back, and a stiff neck? I do good to walk through my house. Any kind of activity has me needing to sit down and being short of breath. I know I need to lose weight, but even when I was trying to eat right before losing my husband, I didn't lose. I don't know what to do?

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Feb 4

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better - you need it most when you feel like it least. I had a very busy high stress job and I was getting worse and worse till I thought I might pop. I walked home one night cause I didn't want to die at my desk. To start I changed to eat one healthy meal a day out of two. That in effect cut the bad intake in half. As far as dropping weight - it ddepends on how bad you want it. My ex used lemon juice, maple syrup, a dash of cayenne and a couple of other things; no other intake. I have done many one two and three day fast. I once did a twenty day fast. You are in some really dire straits. Much of it you can not control and some you can. Your intake is one of the things you can and it is a key to others. You still need nutrition. I find gas is an unwelcome byproduct to diet change; get a good supply of gas ex. Also some glucose tablets so you don't feel real bad if your sugar drops low. I bought a portable propane grill. I used to carry salad fixings and chicken in a small ice chest everywhere I went so I could eat when I was hungry. I drink diet - never ever sugared. Get some B-12' for energy; I used to use reishi' mushroom too but that can make you nervous, effective though.You might try cbd' tincture for the body pain

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Feb 12

I'm checking in - how are you?

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I’m so sorry about your situation. Are you able to get to a swimming pool? That is the best exercise for a person with bad knees. I can relate to your situation. I too am over weight with bad knees. It sucks. I am trying to lose weight once again. I know that is the only thing that will help. If you need to talk just let me know.


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