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Today was my first day on a low carb diet. It wasn't too bad

Today was my first day on a low carb diet. It wasn't too bad until about 3 pm. I got a massive withdrawal headache. Ate lots of veggies and protein for dinner and did eat fruit and 1 street taco size tortilla. I did good, but I really missed my bread and dessert. Also managed to get in 4000 steps which I was thrilled about. All in all, I'd say it was a successful Day 1. I'm looking forward to whipping up some new recipes tomorrow.

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xXBeautifully-CorrodedXx's picture
Sep 8

@Writeaway have you tried looking up keto recipes? There are keto flatbreads that a lot of people use in place of bread Or you can make keto bread which is low carb. And they have keto everything bagels. Which my mom made one time and they're really delicious.

Sep 10

@xXBeautifully-CorrodedXx I have not looked into anything Keto. I'll have to do that this weekend and see if I find anything I might be able to work with. So far, I'm doing pretty good with staying away from bread. My weight is starting to go down which I'm happy about. I hope to see more physical results in the near future.

xXBeautifully-CorrodedXx's picture
Sep 12

That's awesome to hear. Keep up the good work.


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