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The last few days, I have really really tryed! I have been l


The last few days, I have really really tryed! I have been looking up all of the nutritional facts of what I have been eating. It has really opened my eyes to how terribly I have been eating. I hope this is going to be a step in the right direction ♧.

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Nov 14

It is so so hard but I have just found this amazing programme ... I have tried everything there is... shakes, diets, Jenny Craig, exercise... never budging the weight.. or if I did then I would put it all back on!!! This is the first time it hasn’t felt like hard work... highly recommended!!! I honestly can’t tell enough people about it..... just watch the webinar... I’m sure it will persuade you!!! Anna xxx

Nov 25

I can share that I have lost 25 lbs by following a strict regimen of eating mostly vegetarian and regular exercise. I am happy to go in detail as to what I did.

Nov 26

It's okay to have a few unhealthy foods here and there, as long as keep on an upward track. This would mean prioritizing healthier options while allowing ourselves some cheat foods occasionally. As time goes on, a great goal would be to reduce the amount of cheat foods and eat healthier more and more!


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